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Christopher W. B rando Jr. - The Confused Time Traveler
Mörice Cüpper - The Stranded Alien
Waldimir Waldevic - The Juggling Gambler
Andi Atomic - The Nuclear Gentleman
Nils Gunnarsson - The Scheinriese

My real name has been forgotten a long time ago. My life has already been lived. I already existed, before anything else began and I will be there, just after the world diasppeared forgotten into the sands of time. I was chosen, to be a part of that power, just existing for good. Big Thinker tried to understand me, evil spirits to abuse me, but I resisted all of them. Today, during those dark times, I am needed more than ever. Five honest and brave fellers will assist me in times of biggest hardship.

"The "Love Army" had a spectacular performance
at Rock am Ring!"

Blond Mag

"After a handfull songs, they performed live, they left the stage to the overtwisted Mr Virgin and his Love Army, who played nearly all of the area and threw pink toilet brushes in the crowd."

"With the next combo it started to be colorful and sexy. […] Every rocker weeped and every leg was shaken! […] Mr Virgin and his Love Army rocked with lots of humor and hits like Deadbeat City right into the hearts of Mannheim's crowd. As a thankyou for priceless party the gentlemen honoured the audience with pink painted toilet brushes."

"This has definietly its style-facotr. But they don't stand as much alcohol as their idols later a night."
Uncle Sally*s

They are my army, they rise with me against tyrants, dictators, despots, freemasons and illiminates, kleptocrates und neptistes, the empire, zombies, demons and highwayman, stormtroopers, collaborators and marionettes, undeads, hypocrites, and of course Skeletor. In unswerving love


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