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Bator Kalo was born in Haifa, Israel, She was surrounded by music and art from a young age, playing Electric and Acoustic Guitar in several bands in her hometown, composing and writing lyrics. She furthered her studies of Classical and Jazz Music at the School of Art in Oklahoma City, before moving to New York City playing in the underground rock scene in the Lower East Side. Based in NYC and traveling back and forth from Israel, Kalo released her first EP, 'Flesh and Bones', recorded in Israel, working alongside Dave Fields at FMI, produced with Yuval Segal and Musicians, Eran Mitelman, Bentsi Gafni, Shlomo Deshet and others. The album gained attention throughout Israel, as well as NYC, where the single, 'Standing', was used in the New York Play, 'Miss Kim' which made its debut at the International Fringe Festival in 2010. Kalo has toured as a Trio and with other Bands, as lead guitarist, performing in NYC, Albany, Boston and Oklahoma. She is currently working on her new album, in New York City, inspired by Country, Blues and Rock and Roll. She holds residence at many bars throughout the LES, where you can see her performing as an Acousitic Guitar Soloist. Kalo has been compared to the sounds of Bonnie Raitt, Johnny Cash, White Stripes and Jimi Hendrix.

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